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Whether just starting a family or already living in retirement, our holistic, Life Care Planning model can help you achieve lasting security and peace of mind.


Asset Protection & Trusts

Do you have income, investments, or property? If so, did you know that you may be ineligible for Medicaid or other government benefits? Are you wondering whether a trust is right to protect your or your family’s assets?

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Estate Administration & Probate

Have you been named a beneficiary of a trust or a will? Has a loved one passed away without a will and you need help figuring out the next steps?


Estate Planning & Elder Law

Do you have children or elderly parents? What about a savings account or a home? If so, have you also executed an estate plan?


Estate Tax & Retirement Income Planning

Estate Tax
One of the many advantages of estate planning is minimizing your beneficiaries’ tax obligation when they receive assets from your estate.

Retirement Income Planning
Have you been thinking about your retirement?


Long Term Care Planning & Geriatric Care Management

Have you ever thought about needing care? Or how your income stream would change if you were to become disabled? How would it affect your family?


Special Needs Planning & Guardianship

Do you have a loved one with special needs? Are you worried about not being able to continue caring for them? Are you concerned about the financial pressures of meeting their needs? Are you considering a guardianship?

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  • “Few people want to discuss sickness and death but wills and estate planning are very important to all families. The staff of Stefans Law Group make the office visit professional, informative and caring.” 

  • “Donna and her team are amazing. I learned so much from them about the importance about planning early and planning for your future. I sleep so well at night knowing that my loved ones are well taken care of, no matter what.”

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