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How can our law firm help with home care coordination?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Estate Planning

Many Woodbury area residents understand how difficult it can be to have an older relative. Typically, older people require more time and resources, whether it be drives to appointments, meal preparation, housekeeping, or more skilled nursing help. Navigating the complex world of elder care is hard and time-consuming but our law firm has the skills and resources necessary to help our clients with their elder care needs.

Many older adults do not want to leave their home but are also not able to fully care for themselves. This can be a tough situation for their children to navigate but with advances in home care options, seniors can safely remain in their homes for many years. Our law firm prides itself in the care we can offer our clients not just in legal matters, but in geriatric care management as well.

Geriatric care management is where our geriatric care managers coordinate all the care an elderly person needs, including social, emotional, physical and health care needs.

Our law firm does many things including:

  • Conduct care planning assessments to anticipate needed services
  • Screen and monitor in-home help
  • Communicate between the family and other care providers
  • Provide education and decision-making support
  • Intervene if there are any problems with care or the care providers

Planning for an elderly person’s care is often overwhelming which is why our law firm offers so many valuable services. Besides estate planning we offer a holistic approach with life care planning. Our services include estate planning, protecting family assets, Medicaid planning, and geriatric care management. These are all services to help families and their loved ones be prepared for their golden years.