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Strategic Medicaid Planning To Pay For Nursing Home Care

  • Qualifying for Medicaid assistance
  • Maintaining eligibility
  • Preserving family wealth

Experienced Life Care Attorneys Guiding The Way

Nursing care is expensive. You may know that Medicaid covers nursing home care or in-home long-term nursing care. You may also know that Medicaid requires recipients to spend down assets before that financial assistance kicks in. With proper planning and attention to detail, we help families qualify for Medicaid assistance without depleting the estate.

You can turn to our team at Stefans Law Group PC for knowledgeable Medicaid planning. Based in Long Island, we serve clients from four convenient office locations. Our attorneys and experts strive to help clients understand their rights and the importance of wealth preservation while working to qualify for Medicaid.

What Does Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid is a state and federally supported program that provides assistance to individuals with serious or chronic health conditions. If you qualify, it can help pay for:

  • Nursing home care
  • Private in-home nursing care
  • Health services in an assisted living facility
  • Doctor’s appointments and recommended treatments
  • Emergency room visits and care in a hospital setting
  • Medical supplies and prescription medications
  • Other services as directed by a physician

The Tricky Business Of Qualifying For Medicaid

Many people naturally qualify for Medicaid, while others may have to reorganize their assets to qualify. Our team provides the knowledge, experience and insight you need to be confident in moving forward with your Medicaid planning. We advise clients within a holistic framework that addresses elder law issues and tailored estate planning. We also provide geriatric care management before clients are ready for long-term care.

It is advantageous to work with an attorney to complete your application. When you work with us to apply for Medicaid, our attorneys can ensure you have all the proper documentation and meet the eligibility requirements. Our firm can also follow up on the application and address any issues that may arise throughout the approval process. We can also handle Medicaid denials and appeals.

Before you apply, we may need to work through your assets and “spend down” some of what you have to qualify for Medicaid. Our experts can help you understand what this means for you, how your assets can be moved around, organized or gifted to beneficiaries, and what impact this will have on your life.

Get Answers To Your Medicaid Questions

Our lawyers can explain Medicaid coverage and the eligibility rules, guide you through the application process, and give you concrete strategies for spending down or shifting assets to qualify for financial assistance.

Schedule a free initial consultation today to discuss your questions and concerns with our attorneys and experts. Call our firm at 516-692-2744 or contact us using our online form.