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Designating Someone To Have Power Of Attorney And Be Your Voice

  • Medical power of attorney to protect your well-being
  • Financial power of attorney to protect your finances
  • Durable power of attorney for lasting protection during incapacitation
  • Choosing someone you trust to act as power of attorney

Power Of Attorney Is Part Of Our Holistic Approach To Life Care Planning

At Stefans Law Group PC, we help residents of Long Island and the areas around our four office locations with all types of estate planning documents, including powers of attorney. Our team of lawyers and experts provides the insight needed to understand the benefits of a power of attorney, as well as why it is important to have someone named.

When you meet with a lawyer from our firm, you will benefit from:

  • A discussion of what a power of attorney is
  • Information regarding the different types of powers of attorney and what they are used for
  • Answers to your questions about estate planning and powers of attorney
  • Dedicated guidance throughout the course of establishing power of attorney
  • Advice regarding your choice of person for power of attorney

What Is Power Of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a document and designation that gives someone, typically a trusted loved one or family member, the ability to make decisions and conduct business on your behalf. The power of attorney is typically triggered if you become physically incapacitated or mentally unable to make decisions for yourself due to an accident or illness. A power of attorney provides security and peace of mind, as you know someone is looking out for you when you cannot look out for yourself.

Types Of Powers Of Attorney

In general, there are three types of powers of attorney that are commonly utilized as part of an estate plan:

  • Medical power of attorney: If someone is granted medical power of attorney, they are able to make decisions about your health and medical care for you. This is typically based upon any written wishes and/or your best interests as determined by medical professionals and the person with medical power of attorney.
  • Power of attorney for finances: Financial decisions can be made by someone who holds power of attorney for finances. This includes paying bills, handling transactions and addressing any financial account issues.
  • Durable power of attorney: A durable power of attorney stays in place throughout the entirety of the person’s incapacitation. This allows the person with power of attorney to make all decisions for the incapacitated individual – medical, financial and otherwise.

There may be other, more specific types of powers of attorney that are appropriate for your situation. This is best discussed with your lawyer on an individual basis.

Talk To Us About Your Options

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